How do I pay?
We accept cash, checks, and credit including all major credit cards accepted through PayPal. 

How many people can you accommodate for a party?
ArtMovz requires parties have at least 8 participants but can be as large as you would like as long the location you chose to hold the event can seat the participants you invite. Parties larger than 16 will have two ArtMovz instructors.

How do I register for a drop-in?
Simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab in the menu and fill out the form. Tell us which event you are interested in and we will contact you to complete the registration. Or just call us at 414-939-3789.

What does ArtMovz supply for each art session?
ArtMovz fees includes cost of planning, set-up and clean-up, art project materials and instruction for group, and bags for participants to take home their work.

What do I supply for each art session?
ArtMovz expects each location/host to have a large table with the appropriate number of chairs for each participant. Depending on the project we might also need a sink to wash out water soluble paints. 

How long is the workshop?
Adult workshops are usually 1.5-2 hours of instruction time, kid workshops are 1.5 hours of instruction time. We will arrive 30 minutes early to set up and will stay after the instruction to clean up.

What if I don’t know what kind of activity to choose for my event? 
No problem. We are excited to discuss your party/theme and will work with you to create a unique project to enhance your event. We also have some examples on the ‘services’ pages you can look at to be inspired. 

Will the art project be messy?
Perhaps- it depends on the project and the participants. For projects with more mess, we will bring aprons and drop cloths and use water based paints. We also encourage participants to wear art friendly clothing to be on the safe side.